The mobile platform for handoffs, consults and care team engagement

Standardized Handoffs

Woven Health focuses on preventing the single most common source of serious medical errors: miscommunication during handoffs. By standardizing the handoff process and workflow, Woven Health reduces errors, improves efficiency and accountability, and captures critical patient data.

Consults Made Easy

Tired of having to use multiple resources to identify the right specialist and then having to track them down? Woven Health makes it easy to find the consultant you’re looking for, and to send them just the information they need to help you care for your patients!

Care Team Engagement

Integration of the entire health team produces optimal patient care. Woven Health virtually integrates all health team members and makes exchanging patient information and communication effortless.

EMR Integration

Want to leverage the true power of your EMR? Our EMR integration partner, Redox, makes short work of any integration, providing seamless and real-time flow of patient information.

Learning Resources

Looking to learn? The Woven Health platform tracks key educational metrics for trainees and integrates essential reference materials to make finding that key piece of clinical information that much easier.

Robust Analytics

Our analytics provide critical data in the areas that matter most to accrediting bodies, institutional administrators, risk management and legal departments, thereby facilitating patient care quality and safety, and clinical education.

Providing digital tools to automate communication between healthcare professionals

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