To be the epicenter in healthcare for mobile and digital technology solutions that enhance patient care and optimize training for a new generation of physicians.


To become the digital nexus for patient care by developing mobile and digital technology solutions that improve and facilitate 1) communication, 2) collaboration, 3) access to knowledge, and 4) task management for the healthcare professionals who directly care for patients.

Alex Pastuszak, MD, PhD

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

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As a practicing physician, Alex is constrained by the limits on patient care delivery that impact physician efficiency, efficacy and accountability. As an Assistant Professor in Urology at Baylor College of Medicine, he is also keenly aware of the academic requirements residents and their professors face in addition to the rigors of practice. Alex founded Woven Health to empower medical professionals to deliver higher quality, more efficient and more accountable patient care. He brings deep domain expertise in the junction between mobile technology and healthcare, active knowledge of the healthcare landscape and proficiency leading large, long-term projects.

Alex conceived and helped develop the “Vas Reverse” iOS app to guide patients considering vasectomy reversal and their urologic surgeons. He continues to explore the optimization of technology’s role in clinical care through his work with Baylor Global Initiatives, which focuses on healthcare innovation in underdeveloped countries, and TMCx, the Texas Medical Center Accelerator. Alex holds an M.D. and Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from the University of California, San Francisco and a B.S. from Yale University.

Brian Garcia

Chief Executive Officer

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Brian brings more than a decade of executive management experience, which began during his investment banking years at New Heights Financial Corporation. From consulting start-up companies, developing strategic partnerships, raising capital, resource allocation and training teams, he brings his expertise to drive our company forward. His current responsibilities are developing corporate strategies, raising capital, managing critical personnel, negotiating contracts, evaluating strategic partners and resource allocations. He holds a BA from Baylor University and an MBA from Marquette University in International Business.

Rohit Saxena

Chief Technology Officer

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Rohit brings more than 25 years of experience with innovative management, operations and technology leadership. He has served as CTO, EVP of Operations, and other executive and technology positions with major companies, including Oracle Corporation. He has extensive experience working with startups and implementing IT solutions in healthcare related industries. His education qualifications include MBA from Rice University (member Beta Gamma Sigma) and a master’s degree in engineering from the Cornell University. Rohit is an expert in the Healthcare IT field and in addition to being the CEO at Medi-Code, he serves on expert panels and as speaking circuits.

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